The area contained within the Parish of St.Mary is rich in history. Man first arrived here over 4000 years ago. Later the Roman’s came and left their marks on the landscape in their search for lead and copper. The Saxons settled in the area, attracted by the rich arable land, good water supply and of course the lead and copper. During the 11th century, the Saxon settlement and the many small farms in the area were totally destroyed by the forces of William the Conqueror.

Two hundred years later the Parish of Nether Alderley was established, parts of the present church date from the same time in the early Medieval period. Later the Stanley family became the Lords of the Manor and established over the next three centuries a large and prosperous estate. The dominance of the Stanleys over such a long period of time came to an abrupt end just before the Second World War.

This DVD Video visits many historic buildings and discusses their history. We also meet people whose families have live here for centuries. They recall stories and experiences which clearly illustrate how life has changed for everyone during the last hundred years.