This beautiful window next to the pulpit was erected in 1920 and designed by Irene Shakerley. She always signed her work with the image of a snail.

It is dedicated — “To the Glory of God and in affectionate memory of Alice Mildred who died 21st  June 1914 and of Thomas Ronald Tylston who died 22nd May 1919 aged 8 years. The beloved wife and only child of Alexander Greg of Styal in the Parish of Wilmslow”.

Alexander Greg, known as Captain, Robert Alexander Greg of the 3rd Battalion, South Lancashire regiment was the fourth son of Edward Hyde Greg of Quarry Bank. He married a local girl from a notable family in Alderley Edge called Worthington and they were married at St Mary’s Church.
Mildred, as she was known, was the daughter of Thomas and Edith Worthington of “Broomfield,” Macclesfield Road and was born there in 1876. She married Captain Alexander Greg at Alderley Church on August 28th, 1906.

She was known for her “gentle sweetness and helpful sympathy” and died in 1914 aged 38 years. Her son, Thomas, was 3 years old when she died and sadly, he died a few years later in 1919.

They are both buried at Wilmslow Parish Church and there are memorial tablets in the Jesus Chapel of St Bartholomew’s Church commemorating their deaths