Bernard Hudson Shaw was born in approx. 1894 in Thornthwaite, Cumberland. His parents were George William Hudson Shaw and Agnes (Effie)

By 1901 Rev. Hudson Shaw was the vicar of St.Mary’s Church, South Luffenham, Rutland.

In 1902, Maude Royden, the first woman Doctor of Divinity, went to work with the Reverend in his parish. Shaw was leading figure in the Oxford University Extension Movement (Adult Education). Maude grew strongly attracted to Shaw and his mentally fragile Effie and helped them to revive a sluggish parish.

In 1907 the Reverend came here to St.Mary’s, Alderley to take the post of Rector and left in 1912 to go to St.Botolph in London.

The 1911 census shows Bernard attending Uppingham School in Rutland, as a boarder and later he attended Manchester University.

His theatre of war the Western Front and was promoted in November 1916 to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Cheshire Regiment. He was killed in action by a gas shell on 22nd January 1917 aged 23.

In 1944 Maude married the recently widowed Reverend Hudson Shaw whom she has loved for more than 40 years. He was then 85 years and sadly dies 2 months later.

British War Medal
Victory Medal

Bernard is buried at Berks Cemetery Extension, Hainaut, Belgium