The first organ in St.Mary’s was built in the Gallery in 1803 and is thought to have been second-hand. It certainly broke frequently and the Church Wardens were disappointed at the worthlessness of it when they came to sell it in 1875 – the best offer they had was £5.00!

The present organ was presented by Lady Fabia Stanley, wife of Henry, the 3rd Lord Stanley of Alderley.

It was erected in the Gallery in 1875 and was made by Messrs Hill & Co of London, who were one of the most eminent organ builders of the day. It cost £350.

The organ bears the following inscription:
 “To the glory of God and for His holy service in Alderley Church, this organ is given by Fabia San Roman, Lady Stanley of Alderley, Whitsuntide AD 1875”


In 2005 an appeal was launched for the restoration of both the tower and organ and by 2008 £220,000 had been raised.


The Hill organ was in need of general restoration, simply to wear and tear. A design fault, there from the beginning, is an exceptionally heaver tracker action and it was decided to replace it with electro-pneumatic action. It was also slightly underpowered especially for large congregations and so the opportunity was also taken to add extra voices.

Quote from our Organ Consultant –
Mr Roger Fisher M.A., F.R.C.O.(CHM),  A.R.C.M,  A.T.C.L

“Geoffrey Coffin (Principal Pipe Organs) undertook the restoration during 2008 and he has respected the historical material in the organ but has transformed its mechanism and finished it tonally in an imaginative way, which has produced a superbly responsive instrument. His perfectionist approach has paid handsome dividends and his firm’s workmanship conform to the highest standards of British organ.

As it was before, the organ was unresponsive, but had great potential and now that potential has been artistically and thrillingly realised”.

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