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It had been known that under the church was a vault containing the remains of some members of the Stanley family but its whereabouts was not known until it was discovered by an architect in 2007. A stone slab was removed exposing steps leading to a crypt under the chancel. This contained six coffins, four of which contained the bodies of the first and second Lords Stanley and their wives. Once the details had been recorded, the crypt was resealed.


1st Lord John Thomas Stanley of Alderley,
b.26th September 1766    d. 23rd October 1850

Lady Maria Josepha Stanley wife of the above,
b Jan 3rd 1774;  d. Nov 1st 1863

Alfred Stanley (9th child of the above)
b.15 February 1808  d. 28th March 1811

Alfred died on March 28th after a short illness of croup and was cared for by his nurse ‘Moomie’ with his parents being down in London. He was buried on April 1st, Moomie making the arrangements. His parents remained in London. Rev.Edward Stanley administered the proceedings.

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church crypt 015b

2nd Lord Edward John Stanley of Alderley
b.13th November 1802    d. 16th June 1869

Henrietta Maria, wife of the above,
b.21st December 1807    d. 16th February 1895

John Constantine Stanley, son of the above,
b.30th September 1837    d. 23rd April 1878

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