This is a Morris & Co window erected at St.Mary’s in 1909 in memory of Rector Edward John Bell.

The cartoons of Raphael and Gabriel were designed by E Burne Jones in 1893 and the painting done by members of the firm.

Gabriel & Raphael were first designed for Rottingdean (Burne Jones’s home town) in 1893).

John Henry Dearle became chief designer after Burne Jones’s death in 1898 and continued in this position until his death in 1932 so it would be reasonable to assume, that he may have been responsible for the overall design.

‘In memory of Edward John Bell M.A. Hon. Canon of Chester: Rural Dean of Macclesfield, Rector of Alderley 1870-1907. Died July 20th 1908 aged 86 years. This window is placed here by his parishioners and neighbours’