The tomb, on which the effigy of the 1st Lord Stanley lies, is attached to the south wall in a canopied gothic recess.

The recumbent figure clothed in peer’s robes rests on a basket-weave patterned blanket rolled under the pillow decorated with oak leaves and acorns on which his head rests.

The inscription is flanked by two shields containing the arms of Stanley of Alderley on the left and Stanley impaling Holroyd on the right. Both shields have the baronets badge, and are surmounted by a baron’s coronet.Both inscriptions are in medium 19th c. Gothic lettering, gouged and painted in red and black, now fading.

The sculptor was Richard Westmacott the younger. (1799 – 1872). His work includes the marble fireplaces at Chatsworth House. His father was Sir Richard Westmacott (1775 – 1856) who sculpted the monuments of Pitt and Fox in Westminster Abbey.

First Inscription:
John Thomas Stanley – First Baron Stanley of Alderley –Born at Alderley 26 Nov 1766. Married 11 October 1796 Maria Josepha Holroyd.  Eldest daughter of John first Earl of Sheffield. Died at Alderley 22 October 1850. Beloved and honoured during a long life. Happy amidst the affections of a numerous family. Ever intent on the search after truth Devoted to the pursuit of knowledge the father and friend of all around him. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

Second inscription :
Also to the memory of Maria Josepha his beloved wife who lived 53 years at Alderley loved and revered by those who surrounded her. Eldest daughter of John first Earl of Sheffield Born Jan 3 1771. Married October 11 1796. Died Nov 1st 1863