Our 14th century font, one of a few left in Cheshire, has had a chequered history. Just as the Civil war was beginning and mindful to preserve what they could of a precious possession of the Church, the parishioners removed the stone basin from its support and buried it in the churchyard. There it lay until 1821, when united once more to its pillar, which had been supporting a bench in the porch, it was to stand through all weathers outside until 1924.

Records show a second font was purchased in 1760, costing the Church £12

One presumes this font was rather inferior because approximately a hundred years later yet another font was donated by the Countess of Airlie, Blanche Stanley (1828 – 1921), daughter of the second Lord Stanley.

When the old original font was brought back inside church, Blanche Stanley’s font was placed in the Mausoleum, where it remains to this day.

Font Lid

A new oak lid with a bronze decorative lid was made for the font in 1924, designed by Harold Stubler.



Blanche Stanley’s Font