The sculpture of this effigy was George Nelson from London (1822 – 1905).

The recumbent figure clothed in peers’ robes rests on a blanket and pillow carved in stone with his head at the east end. In his left hand he holds a scroll. A dog lies at his feet.

On the side of the effigy is a metal plaque, which is surrounded by Cosmati mosaic decoration. The plaque is finely engraved with figures of the mourning family. His widow supports three young children all of whom died young. One of these holds a spray of lilies which are white enamel.

Four sons attired according to their profession stand with a Labrador dog to the right of Lady Stanley. Five daughters, each with their coat of arms in enamel attached to their gowns, stand to the left of their mother. (see) Stanley Memorial Window

2nd Lord Tomb

Two inscriptions run along the moulded lid of the effigy.

On effigy:
“Edward John Baron Stanley of Alderley. Born November 13 1802. Died June 16 1869.This monument in loving memory of him is placed here by Henrietta Maria his widow”

On metal plaque:
“To the memory of Edward John Stanley of Alderley who through a long political life and in various offices during five liberal administrations was ever distinguished by clearness of judgment, by firmness in upholding religious liberty and by uncompromising public spirit. Amid all the occupations of an active career he still loved to be surrounded by his family and to seek rest in Alderley, his birth place, where now beneath this chancel rebuilt by him, his body lies buried”.